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Precision Grouting Services LLC has been servicing Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia for 10+ years. PGS is a highly specialized firm offering clients years of experience and expertise in innovative, cost saving solutions to structural rehabilitation and soil stabilization problems. If you have a problem related to water leakage, unstable soil or foundations, sinking concrete slabs, cracked or deteriorated concrete, we can help you. We have done work for many contractors.

Precision Grouting for Your Home or Business

Water! One of Mother Nature’s most beautiful elements, and yet one of her most destructive. Water finds its way into the smallest of areas creating the largest of problems. PGS uses some of the most advanced techniques and materials to keep this element out. Leaking cracks have always been a recurring maintenance problem in poured-in-place concrete structures. Such cracks are often found in concrete foundations of apartment houses, office buildings and parking garages. These leaking cracks are always unsightly and often pose serious hazards. Puddles on basement floors can render parking or storage areas unusable. Standing water in mechanical or electrical equipment rooms can cause severe and costly water damage. Water in elevator pits or electrical rooms will often lead to government mandated closure.

PGS can remedy your leaking foundation using a hydrophobic polyurethane grout. Injected directly into leaking cracks, this liquid grout chemically reacts with water, expanding to form a dense, closed foam barrier. The passage of water is blocked and the crack is successfully sealed. This method may also be used to stop water leaks in honeycombed concrete, concrete cold joints and around penetrations. In addition to building foundations, chemical grouting can be used to repair leaks in parking deck floors, tunnels and concrete dams.